……to me that is! Exactly one year ago today, AliKat Photography was born.  It was a passion for much longer than that, born out of necessity of my love for this art called photography.  But I finally decided to take the leap and make it a real full-fledged business with expenses and income and taxes and clients and websites and portfolios (oh my!).  What a ride it has been!  When I think back on this past year, I am amazed at how much I have learned and grown.  I am so so so blessed to have something that brings joy to myself and to the clients who have trusted me with capturing their special life moments.  I’m still just a part-timer, and I don’t have any plans to leave my full-time job in the near future, but this gives me just enough of a dose of creativity to keep my soul fed and my photography-equipment-buying-habit subsidized.  🙂

To sum up the last year, AliKat Photography has had the amazing honor of capturing:

15 BEAUTIFUL babies

18 GORGEOUS families

9 STUNNING pregnant mamas

Thank you so much to my friends for trusting me as I started, for allowing me to learn from your sessions, for giving me the opportunity to make mistakes and try my best to get it right!  A million thank you’s to my friends for referring me to YOUR friends! Word of mouth is the only marketing that I have used, and I have not LACKED for willing clients.  And thank you to the clients who came my way through referrals from your friends—you didn’t know me, but I certainly loved getting to know you and your little ones!  And even to the little facebook fans from afar who might not have ever booked a session with me, thank you for your sweet comments.  Every small thumbs-up on my photos has made me smile.  You guys are awesome!

I’m feeling a little giddy today, and I wanted to spread some love to my faithful fans—I’m too booked out at the moment to do a photo session giveaway (hello JANUARY booking calendar?!), but I would love to give away some prints! If you are one of my clients from this past year who hasn’t ordered prints from your session, comment on this post, then send me an email before Monday, September 10, 2012 and get one print for free with the purchase of any other print (same size).  Print pricing is here.

Here’s to another wonderful year ahead!