Baby Hunter

October 11, 2012

One of the things I love about photography is that it allows me to reconnect with old friends. I went to high school with Lea, and when she asked me to take photos of her newborn son, I was honored and thrilled! She is now the mom of three beautiful children, and is so mellow and easygoing. She makes it look easy! (And as a mom of two, I know three cannot possibly be easy!)

Hunter Michael was just as easygoing as mom; he was the perfect little model. He slept, ate, cried only a bit, and was an overall angel! What a charmer. He definitely stole MY heart!


What beautiful pictures. They are adorable. I love Asher and Ava (my cupcake) and I can not wait to meet Hunter.

You’re so laidback yourself and perfect for a newborn photographer! Thanks so much for these gorgeous pictures!

I think the pic of Asher, Ava and Hunter may just be the cutest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Beautiful job! I’m sure Lea was thrilled! What great keepsakes these photos are!