I’m a little overdue in posting these pics of Katie and Jeremy, considering that their precious bundle of joy is now almost 3 months old, but I wanted to post them because: 1) Katie was a gorgeous pregnant mama and everyone should see her and 2) I had another mom call recently to book a maternity session after seeing a friend’s photos that I had done and she said something that struck me.  She had not planned on taking maternity photos because she didn’t like the way she looked pregnant.  Then she saw her friend’s photos and realized that it was more than just about displaying her bump.  This was about preserving the memories of a time in her life that was so short, so sweet, and having something to show her new son one day when he looked back on his own history.  This was about telling him, “Here is how your dad and I prepared for your arrival.  Here is us when we were overjoyed with the excitement and anticipation of YOU!”

If you are on the fence about taking maternity photos, don’t let your self-consciousness hold you back.  I promise you will LOVE the photos and the memories later.

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