I’m getting caught up on prior blog posts.  The fall/winter photography season was so crazy for me last year, and I really wanted to prioritize getting my clients their photos quickly, so I put blogging way down on my priority list.  Now that summer is in full swing, I have a little more time, so I want to share all of the wonderful photos that kept me so busy last winter.

The “W” family is so sweet.   We met a few years ago when our kids were in the same daycare class and would always joke that we are going to arrange a marriage between her son and my daughter someday.  They used to “flirt” with each other as babies and smile so big when they would see each other every morning.  Too cute!

I love the energy of this family.  The oldest boy kept me running through a lot of the session, but he would always stop just long enough to laugh with me and let me snap a quick pic. I love how the parents were so relaxed and really had a great time interacting together.  My favorite thing to do with kids of this age is simply play with them.  Families always want a standard portrait that they can use for holiday cards where everyone is looking and smiling at the camera, and I will always get you that “standard” shot, but I also love the candid “in-between” shots as well.  The shots of Mom and son laughing together or Dad swinging his big boy around are the images that will bring back memories of their kids at this age someday in the future.

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