Ellie 7 month Photo Session {Phoenix Baby Photographer}

July 27, 2013

Although I do plenty of indoor studio sessions, and I love photographing the first year of my clients’ little ones in any format (studio or outdoors), my absolute favorite type of baby shoot is outdoors.  I love the combination of light, props, greenery and overall “pop” that you just can’t get from a studio session.  It can be tough in the Phoenix summers to do outdoor sessions, so it isn’t always an option, but I love when moms are open to it!

This session with Ellie, was done at the end of May.  It was HOT HOT HOT!  I do 99% of my sessions at golden hour, in the hour or so before sunset, which also happens to be the warmest part of the day.  This can be great in the winter, but in the summers, WHEW, it is tough!  Ellie is such an easygoing baby, and we were very careful to keep her in the shade most of the time so that she didn’t get overheated.  Also, her mom brought along a spray bottle of water and kept spritzing her with mist to cool her down.  It was the saving grace of this session, I must say!  As soon as she started to get a little fussy or over it, mom would mist her, and she would smile and brighten up immediately! 🙂

Here is Ellie, at 7 months old!  Enjoy!

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