P Family {Arizona Family Photographer}

July 27, 2013

I loved taking this family’s photos!  Jamie asked me ahead of time what I suggested for them to wear, and I gave my usual advice: bright colors photograph better, and it’s best to have one person “stand out” the most in a family, preferably the mom or one of the kids.  Then, coordinate other family members in complementary colors (not the exact same color) of the stand-out color.  It looks great when you can tie in the accent color into various patterns or accessories for the rest of the family. She did awesome!  I LOVE the bright pop of blue against the muted brown backdrop of this location.  And I love that the others in the family “match” without actually wearing the same thing!  Gone are the days of 6 people lined up wearing khaki pants and white shirts!  (please?!)  🙂

These were taken during the coldest part of the year here (I know, anyone who experiences real winters is laughing hysterically right now).  It was probably 50 degrees F or so and really windy, which to us, is CHILLY! haha!  But it is always so wonderful, that even on our colder days, Phoenix has some of the most beautiful golden light.  We rarely have gray days, which makes it a true blessing for photographers.

Chandler Family Photographer_0203 Chandler Family Photographer_0204 Chandler Family Photographer_0205 Chandler Family Photographer_0206Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0201 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0202