T Family Maternity Session {Gilbert Maternity Photographer}

July 27, 2013

Not everyone can be genuine in front of the camera.  Sometimes the camera comes up, and instantly the “cheese” comes to the subject’s face.  But this family is so genuine and so sweet, I truly loved photographing them.  They were so easy to photograph, it was just a matter of snapping the camera and capturing their happiness together!  Two-year old Gillian literally almost ALWAYS has a smile on her face.  She is one of the most pleasant two-year olds that I have ever photographed!  Normally this age can be challenging, but Gillian was just A-OK and happy as a lark throughout the entire session!  Mom was expecting her 2nd baby girl shortly, so we wanted to get some great family photos and capture that cute belly before it was gone.  It’s such a fleeting period of time, right before you add another child to your family.  You have been a family of 3, and overnight, you suddenly have another member of your family.  Before the new baby comes, it is hard to picture what your new family unit will look and feel like, and after the baby comes, it is hard to remember what life was like without them!  Thank you for allowing me to capture that special time in your lives!

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