Lindsay and Blake|Phoenix,AZ Family Photographer

March 31, 2016

I feel so lucky to be part of your milestones, families.  I mean, you might not remember me 20 years from now when you think back on your babies gobbling down their very first taste of birthday cake, but I got to participate in one of your core memories (you know, the ones from the Inside Out movie)!  It’s so cool.  Yes, I take the photos, and provide something tangible to you.  But also, we get to laugh together, we get to enjoy an experience!  I’m so lucky! Anyway.  Enough mushy gushy.

Let’s get serious now, this is a blog post about a photo shoot in the desert.  The Desert Botanical Garden is one of my FAVORITE places to shoot.  My mom and I moved to Phoenix when I was in 2nd grade from Georgia.  Can you imagine the visual shock?  I left the humidity, lush green ivy lining the FREEWAYS (I kid you not), huge trees, and lawns that grow without the assistance of sprinkler systems.  We arrived in Phoenix and I saw brown brown brown.  So much brown.  My poor mom, she must have felt so frustrated to hear this little 8 year old grumble about the brown desert after she drove a Uhaul carrying all of our belongings for 3 days straight.  But then, as I’ve grown up here, I fell in love.  Yes, there’s brown.  But I started seeing all the lovely green too.  It’s a different green, but it’s still there.  And the desert light?  Ahhhhh, the golden hour in the desert is unparalleled.  And the sunsets, I will never tire of them.  So even though I wasn’t born here, I have come to adopt Phoenix as mine.

Lindsay and Blake moved to Phoenix recently from Kansas.  I LOVE that they wanted their session to showcase the desert.  It’s almost like when someone loves your child.  My desert home is my baby and they love it!! I was so excited to show it off!

Before you scroll down, one more thing:   I think I would like to title this session: “Thea’s eyes.  And cake.  And gorgeous momma and daddy. But mostly Thea’s eyes.”  Ok, so try not to be hypnotized as you scroll down and land on those amazing eyes.  I warned you.
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0527Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0528Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0529Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0530Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0531Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0532Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0533Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0534Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0535Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0536Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0537Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0538Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0539Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0540Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0541Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0542Lindsay and Blake, thank you for choosing me to shoot your family photo session. We giggled so much together as Thea ate her 1st birthday cake.   I loved meeting both of you, and Thea too.  <3


Good lord, these are perfect! The location, the light, the colors…..gorgeous parents …..AND THAT BABY!!! You’re right…those eyes! <3

You are an amazing family photographer, Ali Kat Photography! These pictures are so sweet. I’m sure this family will treasure them for years to come. Oh, yes and you were so right about this little one. Her eyes are gorgeous! What a little beauty!

What a precious little girl and that first image with her daddy kissing her hand…melted my heart! Such a gorgeous little family you have captured in the beautiful Arizona desert.Amazing job as usual Jen!

This little girl is too precious! I just love the last image, she is so happy. I also love the way you have captured these images outdoors, really magical.