Beautiful  baby Cora was wonderful to photograph.  And she was the 3rd baby girl in a line of them that I have been honored to photograph who have the most gorgeous heads of hair.  My own babies were quite bald at birth.  Of course I thought they were beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with a sweet little newborn with just some peach fuzz on top.   But it’s fun as a newborn photographer to snuggle with all the different babies out there, and I have to admit, I do love a baby with a head of shocking dark hair like Cora’s.  And her lashes.  Sweet thing doesn’t realize she is already making women envious of her gorgeous lashes before she’s even left the carseat.

Without further ado, here is Cora Joy:Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0561Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0560Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0559Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0563Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0558Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0557Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0556Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0562Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0565Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0555Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0551Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0564Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0554Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0553Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0552
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0549Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0550