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One of the best parts of having done this for several years now is that I get to see so many of my families as they have their second babies (or sometimes even 3rd and 4th!). It is such an honor to me that my clients come back to me many times over. And I love getting to see what their babies look like as they grow into big siblings! Also, it often feels like deja vu as I hold these second babies that look so much like the first one that I posed and photographed a few years before.

For this session, I was so overjoyed when this mom contacted me to schedule newborn photos. I remember the miracle that her first baby was, how they had hoped and wished for him, and how happy they were when he finally joined their family. I also remember the conversation that we had during her first newborn session, the one where she said she didn’t know if she would have another baby, that Jase might be her only miracle. She didn’t seem sad about that, but I remember her saying that she was so thankful that they had gotten Jase.

Fast forward 2 years, and she emailed me to say she wanted to schedule another newborn session because she had been blessed with the sweetest surprise: a baby girl! I couldn’t contain my excitement! I love that I was given the chance to photograph not just one, but two beautiful miracles for your family! Thank you so very much!!! What an honor!

She was due on the 4th of July, so we had to get one patriotic setup of course! Her entire session was a breeze because she slept so great and she let me pose her so easily!  I would take a hundred baby Emerys! I hope you enjoy her photos, because I really LOVE how her session turned out!

When Zane’s mom contacted me for newborn photos, we found out that we live in the same neighborhood! It was so nice for her to come to my studio just minutes away! And I loved getting to meet someone from the neighborhood. She is such a sweet mama! She has two older children who were so loving and gentle with their baby brother. I always love the sibling photos during a newborn shoot, especially when the older siblings are happy and excited about their new baby!

I can’t explain how much I just love this session.  Baby Lydia’s mom is a fellow creative.  She owned a designer headband business for several years before she became a mom.  And it’s so fun and fulfilling to be working with another artistic person.  She knew what she loved, which always makes things so nice.  I adore creating setups for moms that are based off of looks that they share with me, knowing what the baby’s nursery looked like, and knowing the general style that she loved.

Baby Lydia is gorgeous.  She is as beautiful as her mama, and it’s not hard to see the stunning genes in that family! Enjoy her session!

This cutie pie decided he was so comfy in his mama’s tummy that he didn’t want to join the world for 8 days past his due date! He got a bit of encouragement from the doctor and finally came out, and was just the sweetest thing for his newborn session.  I loved posing him!  Even when he opened his eyes for a few of his photos, he was calm and relaxed, just like his mother’s personality actually!  One of the things I love about doing newborn photography is that each little newborn has a bit of a unique personality already established even in the very early days of their life! Some are chill and relaxed, some have these intense stares and feisty screams, some are almost mimicking their parents with similar frowns and grimaces!  I just love it!

Other than this cute little football hat that his mom brought to his session, she was very open about what she wanted for colors and styles.  I love his smooth skin and how it looks against these colors.  He is so handsome!  I hope his family loved the photos from his session.
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