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You’ll have to pardon the length of this post.  There were just too many beautiful photos to narrow it down any more than this.  It helps that this is my god daughter, and I’m absolutely in love with her.  And that we had not one, but TWO newborn sessions.  Because that’s the kind of benefits you get when your BFF is the newborn photographer.  Sorry clients, my BFF spot is already taken, so most of you will get me for only one amazing session (Although I suppose if you’re paying, I’m available for two sessions??! LOL!)

Without further ado, here is the stunning Gabrielle Elise! Enjoy!

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I’m a little overdue in posting these pics of Katie and Jeremy, considering that their precious bundle of joy is now almost 3 months old, but I wanted to post them because: 1) Katie was a gorgeous pregnant mama and everyone should see her and 2) I had another mom call recently to book a maternity session after seeing a friend’s photos that I had done and she said something that struck me.  She had not planned on taking maternity photos because she didn’t like the way she looked pregnant.  Then she saw her friend’s photos and realized that it was more than just about displaying her bump.  This was about preserving the memories of a time in her life that was so short, so sweet, and having something to show her new son one day when he looked back on his own history.  This was about telling him, “Here is how your dad and I prepared for your arrival.  Here is us when we were overjoyed with the excitement and anticipation of YOU!”

If you are on the fence about taking maternity photos, don’t let your self-consciousness hold you back.  I promise you will LOVE the photos and the memories later.

photocrati gallery

In the photography world, “Mom Tog” is used by many photographers as a bit of an insult.  Sometimes it is used to describe the mom who gets a DSLR for Christmas one year, takes a few hundred photos of her kids during January, and decides to start a photography business in February.  She probably still shoots on “Auto” mode, but since she has a nice expensive camera, her pics are pretty decent.  She doesn’t actually know much about photography, business, or editing.  Other times, “Mom Tog” might be used to describe someone like myself, who took quite a bit of time learning photography before starting a business, but was still generally self-taught on her own kids before learning on others (which is apparently not a good thing).  I’m not sure who the “real” photographers are anymore though.  Maybe they went to photography school.  Maybe they have a Fine Arts Degree.  But they apparently love to make themselves feel great by insulting others who didn’t travel the path that they took.

What I do know is that I love being a “mom tog.”  I am able to capture some amazing moments and special memories that happen in my home.  Like today, when my girls were playing with their new kitchen, I tried to be a fly on the wall and capture them in their element.  My kids will never be this little again.  They will only make pretend ice cream cones for a few more years.  They will eventually grow older, wiser, more mature….they may not look at each other and burst  into a fit of giggles for no reason (although I hope they always do that!).  They will eventually complain to me that I can’t take pictures of them before their hair is combed, or their make-up is perfect, or they change out of pajamas.  And I’m sure they will hate my camera many many times over the coming years.  But when they are 20 or 30 or 40, and are looking back on their childhood, they will love their mom tog for saving the memories that many others don’t.  I just know it.


And when you are choosing a photographer to capture your family, remember that although I am a self-taught “Mom Tog,” I know how to relate to your children.  I know how to hold your newborn just right when they are fussing.  Or how to make your 3-year old giggle when they don’t want to take a photo.  I know who I am and what I am good at: you won’t see me trying to photograph your wedding or an Arizona Highways cover.  But if you’re looking for someone who can make sure your family memories are preserved, someone who believes that it is utterly imperative to capture the fine hair on your baby’s back or the dimpled bracelet that their skin folds create on their wrist, then look no further: you have found your Mom Tog.

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    Love the pics dearest Mom tog!ReplyCancel

  • AliKat! I love this blogpost. I’m a proud momtog too! <3ReplyCancel

  • Patricia Steer

    I would say you are not :just a Mom tog: but a wonderfully talented photographer. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your photos of your precious daughters are gorgeous, so natural, catching them as they are at this age and stage. You are right, they will really treasure these photos when thay are older. Keep up the wonderful work!ReplyCancel

When Sarah asked me to take photos of her family, I couldn’t be more thrilled.  A year ago, when I was building my portfolio and asking anyone and everyone to give me experience, I photographed sweet newborn baby Ella.  One year later, they came back to me.  It was so awesome seeing Ella as a happy active little toddler! She might possibly be the easiest one year old I have ever photographed. Normally, I prepare myself mentally because toddler photo sessions can be challenging.  One year olds don’t typically like to sit still for photos, and their newfound walking ability (or RUNNING ability) is their favorite thing to do.  So I spend a lot of these sessions literally chasing them and trying to catch them smiling.  But Ella was so easy! She was active for sure, but she was equally content just hanging out on Mom or Dad’s lap and gave me plenty of chances to capture them just being the sweet family that they are.  (Now if you are reading this and thinking, UH-OH my one-year old is anything but mellow, don’t worry! I’m more used to the challenging feisty little things, and I can always catch a few keepers of them too, so don’t let that stop you from getting your photos done!) 🙂

Thank you Sarah, Mark and Ella! It was a pleasure to see you and capture this time in your family’s history!

I was so thrilled to photograph newborn baby Max Hayden! My husband works with his dad, and it was sort of a last-minute, wonderful surprise session.  Mom and Dad hadn’t planned to do a newborn photo session initially, but I received an email a few days after Max arrived stating that Mom had decided her iPhone photos just weren’t cutting it! 😉  Thank you so much for entrusting me to capture your precious memories!!

Love the pic above, posing with his grandfather’s baby shoes!

<Sigh>……. I love mommy and me photos:

And baby makes three:

Raise your hand if you’re jealous that I got to spend a few hours cuddling and cooing with this gorgeous babe!  Welcome to the world, baby Max!