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This baby.  I don’t even know how to express how delicious she is?!  Sigh.  I wish I could have kept her. I don’t do newborn photography for free….and I suppose I need money to pay my bills…but secretly, I do it for the baby snuggles.  Because wouldn’t you want to snuggle this precious miracle?!  Actually that reminds me of a funny meme I saw another photographer post that said, “I do it for the baby huffing.”  Because that baby smell is amazing.  ha! If someone can get me a t-shirt with that on it, I’ll love you forever. 🙂

Without further ado, here is baby Noelle.  Be sure to leave comments to let her parents know how gorgeous you think she is.

Phoenix Family Photographer_0022 Phoenix Family Photographer_0023 Phoenix Family Photographer_0024 Phoenix Family Photographer_0025 Phoenix Family Photographer_0026 Phoenix Family Photographer_0030 Phoenix Family Photographer_0027 Phoenix Family Photographer_0028 Phoenix Family Photographer_0034 Phoenix Family Photographer_0029 Phoenix Family Photographer_0033 Phoenix Family Photographer_0032 Phoenix Family Photographer_0031


  • Dawn

    This got me teary eyed!!! Love this beautiful baby and her family.ReplyCancel

I feel so lucky to be part of your milestones, families.  I mean, you might not remember me 20 years from now when you think back on your babies gobbling down their very first taste of birthday cake, but I got to participate in one of your core memories (you know, the ones from the Inside Out movie)!  It’s so cool.  Yes, I take the photos, and provide something tangible to you.  But also, we get to laugh together, we get to enjoy an experience!  I’m so lucky! Anyway.  Enough mushy gushy.

Let’s get serious now, this is a blog post about a photo shoot in the desert.  The Desert Botanical Garden is one of my FAVORITE places to shoot.  My mom and I moved to Phoenix when I was in 2nd grade from Georgia.  Can you imagine the visual shock?  I left the humidity, lush green ivy lining the FREEWAYS (I kid you not), huge trees, and lawns that grow without the assistance of sprinkler systems.  We arrived in Phoenix and I saw brown brown brown.  So much brown.  My poor mom, she must have felt so frustrated to hear this little 8 year old grumble about the brown desert after she drove a Uhaul carrying all of our belongings for 3 days straight.  But then, as I’ve grown up here, I fell in love.  Yes, there’s brown.  But I started seeing all the lovely green too.  It’s a different green, but it’s still there.  And the desert light?  Ahhhhh, the golden hour in the desert is unparalleled.  And the sunsets, I will never tire of them.  So even though I wasn’t born here, I have come to adopt Phoenix as mine.

Lindsay and Blake moved to Phoenix recently from Kansas.  I LOVE that they wanted their session to showcase the desert.  It’s almost like when someone loves your child.  My desert home is my baby and they love it!! I was so excited to show it off!

Before you scroll down, one more thing:   I think I would like to title this session: “Thea’s eyes.  And cake.  And gorgeous momma and daddy. But mostly Thea’s eyes.”  Ok, so try not to be hypnotized as you scroll down and land on those amazing eyes.  I warned you.
Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0527 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0528 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0529 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0530 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0531 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0532 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0533 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0534 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0535 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0536 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0537 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0538 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0539 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0540 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0541 Gilbert Newborn Photographer_0542Lindsay and Blake, thank you for choosing me to shoot your family photo session. We giggled so much together as Thea ate her 1st birthday cake.   I loved meeting both of you, and Thea too.  <3

  • This little girl is too precious! I just love the last image, she is so happy. I also love the way you have captured these images outdoors, really magical.ReplyCancel

  • What a precious little girl and that first image with her daddy kissing her hand…melted my heart! Such a gorgeous little family you have captured in the beautiful Arizona desert.Amazing job as usual Jen!ReplyCancel

  • You are an amazing family photographer, Ali Kat Photography! These pictures are so sweet. I’m sure this family will treasure them for years to come. Oh, yes and you were so right about this little one. Her eyes are gorgeous! What a little beauty!ReplyCancel

  • Good lord, these are perfect! The location, the light, the colors…..gorgeous parents …..AND THAT BABY!!! You’re right…those eyes! <3ReplyCancel

Isn’t it wonderful when you reconnect with old friends after time and life has gotten in the way?  I met Katie nearly 15 years ago….when I was fresh out of college, working my first ‘real’ career kind of job.  It was during this time period that I was a voracious reader.  I read novel after novel,  back when Oprah used to have her logo on all the new soft cover books at Barnes & Noble.  I had already graduated college, and a lot of my friends were not readers, so I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about all of these books.  So I’ll admit something pretty nerdy here (what am I trying to hide, it’s a known fact that I’ve always been a nerd trying to fake it in a cool world).  One night, after I finished another novel in the wee hours of the morning, I sat at my computer and chatted back and forth in a chatroom (remember those??!!) about the novel’s ending or character development or lack of description or whatever.  And I wished I had someone in real life to chat with about these things.  Someone who liked to read for more than just a beach distraction.  I googled ‘Book Club’ and wouldn’t you know it, Oprah’s website came up with a link that said ‘find your local book club.’  It was here that I found my book club and Katie, who had been in the club for a while already when I joined.  We met on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, so naturally the club had the very creative title “Tuesday Night Book club”.  It’s funny–I joined the club looking for some fellow readers to be able to talk about books, but it ended up that we usually read the books and spent the majority of the time talking about our lives.  The members of the club were an entire range of ages and at different points in their lives: some were retired, some were just starting their families with new babies, and others, like myself and Katie, were young little babies themselves.  I loved Katie from the very first meeting.  She is so intelligent, but so warm and inviting.  When she talked about a book that she loved, even if you had not read it yourself, you felt the need to get a copy and start it that very day, almost the same as when someone describes the most delicious dessert when you aren’t really hungry and then convinces you to order cheesecake even though you had no intention of quitting your diet minutes before.  We attended the book club together for years, and so we also shared bits and pieces of our lives together.  I remember when she first reported back to us after various dates, and then I remember the different sparkle that showed up in her eyes when she started dating Stephen.  It was a whirlwind and she was so very happy.   I went to her wedding with my new boyfriend at the time (who later became my husband).  It was one of our best dates; we both still remember it so well.  Even now, when I spoke to my husband about going to this photo shoot, I said, “I’m so excited I get to photograph Katie, you remember Katie, my book club friend, the wedding we went to and had such an amazing time?”  As time has passed, Katie and her husband have traveled the world for his work.  We haven’t kept in close touch, but social media has at least allowed us to see each other’s life events, and I’ve enjoyed seeing her adventures while living in Europe and then later in Texas.  She still comes back to visit Arizona to see family and friends, so when she planned this family photo shoot for her recent trip, I was so thrilled.  Seeing her again was wonderful, and it’s the first time I got to meet Carter, who is almost the same age as my little Kathryn.  Carter is the coolest kid.  I asked Katie if she wanted me to photoshop his front tooth, where he has a little darkening from a bruise he got after encountering a bathroom counter with a grudge.  She decided to ask him what his preference was.  His response? “Nope, just leave it, it’s part of me.”  Tell me you don’t love him after reading that?!  Sigh.

Anyway, enough chit chat.  I wanted to describe Katie before I shared her family photos because I wanted you to know how beautiful she is on the inside before you see how beautiful she is on the outside. Ok?  Ok.

Phoenix Family Photographer_0002 Phoenix Family Photographer_0003 Phoenix Family Photographer_0004 Phoenix Family Photographer_0005 Phoenix Family Photographer_0006 Phoenix Family Photographer_0007 Phoenix Family Photographer_0008 Phoenix Family Photographer_0009 Phoenix Family Photographer_0010 Phoenix Family Photographer_0011 Phoenix Family Photographer_0012 Phoenix Family Photographer_0013Carter is the king of the WOOOORLD!
Phoenix Family Photographer_0014 Phoenix Family Photographer_0015 Phoenix Family Photographer_0016 Phoenix Family Photographer_0017 Phoenix Family Photographer_0018

I hope you enjoyed her photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Loved seeing you, Katie and Stephen! (and Carter too!)

  • Jen, I loved reading your story and having in insight into your gorgeous images! What a beautiful family and loved Carter’s big genuine smile!! You are an amazing photographer! Love your work.ReplyCancel

  • Jen you are such a wonderful outdoor photographer, all these images are so creative and alive. I just love looking at your photography.ReplyCancel

  • Kate Kowal

    Thank you for making us look so good! 😉ReplyCancel

  • These are great! Such pretty colors and Carter?! He’s adorable. What a smile!ReplyCancel

  • Your images are full of love and sweet family smiles and connection. I enjoyed the backstory and how you much this family and your friendship with them means to you. Thank you for sharing you talent and life with us.ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful!! Lovely memories captured for this family to treasure!ReplyCancel

  • Lara

    OMG how adorable is this little one. He had smiles to spare!! LOVE IT. What a happy looking family. Gorgeous pics. Isn’t it great to be able to share your talents and gift with friends. So sweet.ReplyCancel

  • This is such a wonderful story. Little Carter sounds like a pretty amazing kid. I’m sure this family will treasure these images for many years to come.ReplyCancel

I met Harper’s mommy for the first time at her maternity session.  I could tell right away that I liked her, she has such a kind, calm spirit.  And her husband was so sweet with her; you could just see the love and excitement between them as they waited for their baby girl to arrive.  Not every client books both a maternity and a newborn session with me, but I enjoy it so much when they do.  I love getting to meet them and chat at their maternity session, so that by the time we get to their newborn session, I feel like I know their personalities and it’s like seeing friends come visit!

Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0512 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0513 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0514 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0515 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0516 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0517 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0525 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0518
Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0520 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0521 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0522Harper was a great model; she slept like a trooper for her session and let me pose her so easily.  Her older brothers had a LOT of energy, so it took a lot of convincing, a lot of patience, and perhaps some bribery and every other trick in my bag to get a family shot and a brother shot with them.  I think mom wasn’t quite sure when she left the session if we got any keepers from them, so I was really happy to show her that we did.  The thing to remember when photographing toddlers and high-energy kids, is you just need ONE good shot.  And that shutter is FAST. haha!!  It might seem like they were screaming or crying the whole time, but if they flash just one quick smile at the camera when I tickle their feet, I’m ready with my finger on the shutter to get that 1/200 of a second moment!  Tricks of the trade.  🙂  Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0523 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0524

The night before Harper’s session, I had this inspiration for a fresh flower shot as I was falling asleep.  I texted myself “BUY FLOWERS” so I wouldn’t forget, and in the morning, I was running a bit tight on time, but really wanted those flowers.  So I jumped in the car and literally ran into the grocery store, grabbing handfuls of flowers from the floral department.  The clerk probably thought I was a little crazy, but who knows why, because running through the store with flowers in your hand, like you have a floral emergency, is totally normal behavior right?  Anyway.  By the time I got back, my clients arrived within 5 minutes, so I didn’t have time to set up my wreath.  So I waited until mom was feeding Harper later in the session to cut the flowers and make the wreath.  It might have been the most quickly designed prop I’ve ever made, but I’m really happy with the results.  Something about fresh flowers and beautiful bright colors, just makes me happy.  And I love clients who trust my vision, because I’m sure she was probably a little curious to see me scurrying around with scissors and flowers. 🙂   My favorite clients are the ones who say: “here are my favorite colors, here are the things I don’t like, now go do whatever you want.”  It’s like a license to just be artistic and let my creative juices flow. LOVE it!!!

Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0519

I hope you enjoyed Harper’s photos.  If you want to book a newborn session with me, please book your due date early (2nd or 3rd trimester are best), as my schedule tends to fill up quickly.  I’m scheduling June due dates and beyond right now.  Send me an email at or call/text me at 602-531-8046 and I will get you on my calendar.

  • What a beautiful family!! You captured them perfectly!! That is the cutest baby ever and she has the most gorgeous lips!! Love your work, Jen!ReplyCancel

  • Jen, these newborn images are just perfect! She looks like a real princess and you have added such variety for her parents! I love all your colours! I couldn’t agree with you more, clients that just let you do your thing get the best photos because you can use your creative vision. Love your work!ReplyCancel

  • Leslie

    Your flower emergency paid off! That is the most stunning newborn picture! The family shots also turned out beautifully.ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful family images, Jen. They look so tickled with their little girl. The wreath you created is beautiful, especially with sweet little Harper in it. You have captured a beautiful set of pictures that will bring them back how precious and tiny she was.ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful session. Baby Harper is gorgeous, as is the rest of her family. I’m sure they’re going to love these images. You did a great job with the sibling shots and the dash to the flower shop was a great idea. The image turned out beautiful.ReplyCancel

I’m really excited about these!  I’ve had a lot of clients inquiring recently about mini sessions, and I toyed briefly with the idea of doing a few Valentine’s Day setups.  But this year, something else was tugging at my heart.  At a time in my life where I’m sort of swimming in chaos and…just….life, I have this love of simplicity.  No surprise obviously.  So this year, I’ll be offering something a little different than I ever have: mini sessions with almost no props.  No buckets, no frilly tutus, no heart banners or “Be Mine” props.  Say what?  Who wants that?! Well… though Valentine’s Day is most definitely a Hallmark holiday, we all like to use it as an excuse to tell our friends and family how much we love them.  And I can’t think of a sweeter love to capture than that between mother and child!

These sessions will take place on a fluffy white comforter in my studio, with soft pillows and maybe just a couple TINY props (like a favorite book you read or baby’s favorite lovie or blanket).  You don’t have to bring any of these, but it would be a sweet addition.  For the kids’ outfits, I recommend white or cream onesies (or even diapers if they are babies) or simple white tees/tanks and white shorts.  Little boys can be in jeans or any soft colored pants (maybe khaki or tan?).  Moms can wear jeans or yoga pants or anything comfy with a white or cream top.  Picture snuggling with your littles in bed on a Saturday morning!  So no fancy hair styles.  I’m going to make you lay in bed with the kids and I might get ONE picture of you all looking at me smiling, but the rest of them are going to be photos of you interacting and just being Mommy.  If you’re breastfeeding, you’re welcome to get a couple nursing shots if that’s something you would like.

Because when they are grown, I can bet you that the photos you are going to treasure the most are probably not going to be with the Valentine’s Heart Banner wearing the big pink tutu.  But that’s just my opinion. 😉


February 13, 2016 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

15 minute sessions (but try to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to allow for getting babies out of carseats or getting kids ready to go)

Includes mom and 2 kids.  (More than 2 kids, please book 2 sessions).  No family pics for these sessions please. You can use this as a mini session for just the kids if you want, but I might cry if you don’t get in at least 1 of the pics. 😉

$99 (plus sales tax)

Includes 5 full-resolution digital images in color and black&white delivered via digital download. (I’ll post an online gallery with 10-20 images for you to choose from).

I think that’s about it!  If this first date fills up, I’ll open up another date!  Let me know if you have any questions!

Click HERE to book your session!  Payment is due to hold your spot (no refunds or cancellations).

Here are some examples of what you can expect!

phoenix baby and family photographer phoenix baby and family photographer phoenix baby and family photographer phoenix baby and family photographer phoenix baby and family photographer

  • I LOVE everything about this! So pure, raw, timeless and classic! Great job, Jen! I adore your work!!ReplyCancel

  • Lara

    Love the lifestyle look of these. How awesome you caught some real moments for this family. It’s always the little things that are the most important to remember. Just beautifulReplyCancel

  • These images are so natural and so perfect in every way. I adore how you captured so much love in all you photos, well done and gorgeous again!ReplyCancel

  • These are amazing timeless images that this family will cherish for years to come. I would love a mommy and me session like this. Every image is so beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful and filled with love!! Gorgeous photos!!ReplyCancel

  • Breathtaking and real life moments that mom will always treasure. Gorgeous!!ReplyCancel

  • Kim

    I absolutely love these!!! I love the lifestyle look and they are just perfect!!ReplyCancel

  • Stunning images, children grow so quickly, this is the perfect capture of a beautiful ages!ReplyCancel

  • Such a cute idea!! Love the simplicity of these.ReplyCancel

  • Absolutely beautiful images! Such a treasure to have images that show the connections and delight they share with each other.ReplyCancel

  • Love these images Jen, every Momma we know should have these for herself!ReplyCancel