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Baby Grayson is such a handsome boy.  It’s really no surprise, because when you see his gorgeous parents and big sister, you know the genes run strong in this family!  It was truly my honor to photograph Grayson, after many sessions with this family.  Here is their maternity session!  And there are too many more to blog.

This session had a part I and a part II!  Grayson wasn’t thrilled with a couple of our ideas of posing him, and we (both parents and myself) REALLY wanted an aviator shot since his adorable nursery is all geared up with planes and such.  He had had enough of me right when we got to the aviator setup, so I came back the next day and we got the shot!  So worth it! That’s the thing about newborn sessions–we are on baby’s schedule.  If they aren’t feeling up to something, flexibility is the name of the game! 🙂

Enjoy the pics of this beautiful boy!  Thank you Amber and Mike for once again trusting me with your family photos!  I feel so honored!

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0329

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0330

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0331

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0332

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0333

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0334

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0335

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0336

Oliver was a sleepy, sweet boy!  Such a pleasure to photograph, he barely made a peep the whole time.  He came right around Easter (hence the bunny outfit down below), and was quite possibly the cutest Easter bunny I’ve ever seen! 🙂   Thank you for letting me snuggle and photograph your cute baby boy!  Phoenix Baby Photographer_0320 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0321 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0322 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0323 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0324 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0325 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0326

Have you seen those beautiful bedroom photo shoots where the natural light is just streaming in and the linens are white and fluffy?  I love those types of photos and have been wanting to take some more candid shots of my kids lately in that type of set up.  I have a huge window in my North-facing bedroom…….should be perfect, right?  Alas, there is also a HUGE bush planted outside of said window that my husband just *loves* for the privacy it provides (insert frustrated face here), and it makes our lovely bedroom quite dark and dreary.  But private!  (LOL!)

So here is a little “How-to” on creating a mock bedroom setup anywhere in your home, even if your bedroom isn’t bright and beautiful!  All you need is a large window (a sliding-glass door works best, because the light will hit all the way to the floor).  Spread a blanket down on the ground next to the window.  (I put a softer blanket underneath this to pad my hard tile floors). Add some pillows and that’s it. I used a plain cream backdrop, but you don’t have to. I just didn’t want my baseboard and kitchen window to be in the background.  If you have a background with less distractions (like a plain wall), just prop some pillows up against the wall, and it will look like a bedroom wall with a bed pushed up to it. This next pic shows my setup. (By no means perfect here, as I was dealing with 2 kids who really didn’t feel like cooperating with me at the time.)  You can see the shadowing on the right side of the pic.  If you wanted to lessen that, you could use a reflector.  Or you can simply reposition your blanket so that it is at a 45 degree angle to the window.  This is what I ended up doing in most of my pics, although I forgot to take a photo of that revised set-up.  What you don’t want to do is place your backdrop and blanket parallel to the window, with the light is coming in directly towards the subjects.  Doing that will cause you to get flat, boring light with very little shadows, and I think a little bit of shadow enhances the natural element of these images.

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0306

Here are some example after pics:

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0304 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0305 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0307 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0308 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0309 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0310 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0311 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0312 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0313 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0314


Sweet baby Slade.  I loved his session.  His parents were so in love with him (as most are!) and were just adorable to watch with him.  And one of my favorite pics is at the end with Slade and his big “brother” German Shepherd, Charger!  He was such a good boy, I really think he will be Slade’s protector for life.  Thank you Megan and Luis for giving me the honor of photographing your beautiful baby boy. <3

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0295 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0296 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0297 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0298 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0299 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0300 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0301 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0302 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0303

We got a new pet.

Her name is Kenna.

The girls picked her out and had a bit of fun naming and talking to her.

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0272 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0273 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0274 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0275 I was quite surprised to learn how hard it was to get the fish in focus, especially in a curved glass fishbowl!!  The dang thing just kept swimming!  LOL!  Didn’t she know I had my macro lens all ready to go?  Macro photography and fast-moving objects?  Not a good mix.  😉
Phoenix Baby Photographer_0276

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