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Emery is such a sweetie, and although we ended up getting some amazing shots at her newborn session, she certainly didn’t make it easy on us! ¬†Well 7 months have passed, and maybe she has gotten used to the idea of my big ugly camera in her face, because she was absolutely the easiest baby to photograph at this recent session. ūüôā ¬†And another bonus that I loved about this photo session: her grandma runs an antique shop, so mom brought over some of the funnest props! ¬†Yay! ¬†I *may* have a little less storage space in my garage after playing with Emery’s stash. ¬†ūüėČ

Without further ado, here is the beautiful miss Em!  Thank you Dixie and Johnny for loading up your car with a million prop options and for allowing me to photograph your gorgeous girl again!

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0261 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0262 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0263 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0260

Phoenix Baby Photographer_0265 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0266 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0268 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0267 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0269 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0270 Phoenix Baby Photographer_0271



Now booking…..Contact me as soon as possible if you are interested. ¬†November 3rd is almost completely booked, but I have a few spots open on other days. ¬†This is by far my lowest price for a family session, and I only hold them twice a year (spring and fall)!

Fall 2013 AliKat Photography Family Minis


I have been so honored to photograph Isabella from the very beginning: mama’s belly, to her newborn session and now to her 4 month session. ¬†I am excited to see her grow over the course of her first year!

Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0224

Baby giggles! Be careful, they are contagious:

Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0225

OH my! Those beautiful eyes!  Love them!!!

Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0226 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0227

  • Brianne

    The b&w giggle picture is just the bestest!!!ReplyCancel

Dear Alex,

Four years. ¬†Only four years that I have been blessed to be your mother, and yet it feels like I have known you forever. ¬†This age has such poignancy for me. ¬†When I look into your eyes, I see wisdom and a glimpse of the maturity that you will one day have, but I also see the playfulness and youth still of your baby years. ¬†The baby stage is leaving soon, I can tell. ¬†On some days, you laugh at my subtle jokes or look me in the eyes and nod silently, and I just know that you “get it”. ¬†You giggle with me when your baby sister does something silly, and almost roll your eyes (you haven’t quite mastered the actual act of eye-rolling) and give me that exasperated look. ¬†You understand when I’m having a rough day, even when I don’t tell you. ¬†And you are so proud of yourself when I tell you I’m happy with something special that you have done.

You still love snuggle time with your mom. ¬†Each night, for five minutes or so, you ask me to crawl into bed with you. ¬†You whisper “Mommy” and wrap your hands around my face. ¬†We lay in the dark and play the game “what was your favorite and least favorite thing of the day?” ¬† Last week, when I asked you your favorite thing, your answer was, “This. Snuggling with you, Mommy.” ¬†<sigh> ¬†Oh how I will miss it one day when you don’t want to snuggle. ¬†When your favorite things will be boys or your new best friends or trendy clothes. ¬†I want to bottle up your innocence and keep it in my heart. ¬†But I suppose I do. ¬†With my camera, and also, with the snapshots that I mentally take.

You are my sunshine, sweet girl.  You truly are.

Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0241 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0242 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0243 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0244 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0245 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0246 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0247 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0248 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0249 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0250 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0251

  • Sharyn Crabtree

    This is just beautiful, Jen. The pictures are great and everything you wrote about Alex is so true. I sure miss you!ReplyCancel