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Meet Andreya.  Stunningly beautiful and maybe just a little bit stubborn.  🙂  She thought she was going to fight me and not sleep at first, but I always win.  And she was such a sweetie after she realized how much fun we were going to have playing dressup and naptime! 🙂
Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0229 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0230 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0231

Those lips!!!  I swear she is puckering up for a kiss in the first photo, then smiling smugly to herself, thinking, “I’ve got you all wrapped around my finger!” in the second one!  Love it!! Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0232 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0233

Griffin’s newborn session was definitely one of my favorites.  She was such a good baby, sleeping through most of it, and allowing me to easily pose and move her.  But also, I just loved that her mom was a fan of bright colors and some of the more ‘neutral’ options.  Now don’t get me wrong, girly pinks and purples can be fun, and I love doing them as well, but sometimes it is a nice change of pace to style a baby girl in vibrant colors or neutral browns.  Love it!  And it is always so nice to photograph a maternity session followed by the newborn session a few months later.  Here is this beautiful family’s maternity session.

When I start a newborn session, if the baby is wide awake, my favorite pose to do with them is a snug wrapped one.  That, combined with my trusty little space heater and shushing sound machine, usually gets them niiiiiiiiiiiiiice and sleeeeeeepy.

Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0234

See?  They just can’t resist.  Sleep tight little one.  Just 2 more hours to go of me dressing you up and putting you on cute little blankets and nests!  😉 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0235 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0236
Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0238 Best Phoenix Baby Photographer_0239

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Thank you for allowing me to photograph your babies!


Not everyone can be genuine in front of the camera.  Sometimes the camera comes up, and instantly the “cheese” comes to the subject’s face.  But this family is so genuine and so sweet, I truly loved photographing them.  They were so easy to photograph, it was just a matter of snapping the camera and capturing their happiness together!  Two-year old Gillian literally almost ALWAYS has a smile on her face.  She is one of the most pleasant two-year olds that I have ever photographed!  Normally this age can be challenging, but Gillian was just A-OK and happy as a lark throughout the entire session!  Mom was expecting her 2nd baby girl shortly, so we wanted to get some great family photos and capture that cute belly before it was gone.  It’s such a fleeting period of time, right before you add another child to your family.  You have been a family of 3, and overnight, you suddenly have another member of your family.  Before the new baby comes, it is hard to picture what your new family unit will look and feel like, and after the baby comes, it is hard to remember what life was like without them!  Thank you for allowing me to capture that special time in your lives!

Gilbert Family Photographer_0208 Gilbert Family Photographer_0209 Gilbert Family Photographer_0210 Gilbert Family Photographer_0211 Gilbert Family Photographer_0212 Gilbert Family Photographer_0213 Gilbert Family Photographer_0214 Gilbert Family Photographer_0215


I loved taking this family’s photos!  Jamie asked me ahead of time what I suggested for them to wear, and I gave my usual advice: bright colors photograph better, and it’s best to have one person “stand out” the most in a family, preferably the mom or one of the kids.  Then, coordinate other family members in complementary colors (not the exact same color) of the stand-out color.  It looks great when you can tie in the accent color into various patterns or accessories for the rest of the family. She did awesome!  I LOVE the bright pop of blue against the muted brown backdrop of this location.  And I love that the others in the family “match” without actually wearing the same thing!  Gone are the days of 6 people lined up wearing khaki pants and white shirts!  (please?!)  🙂

These were taken during the coldest part of the year here (I know, anyone who experiences real winters is laughing hysterically right now).  It was probably 50 degrees F or so and really windy, which to us, is CHILLY! haha!  But it is always so wonderful, that even on our colder days, Phoenix has some of the most beautiful golden light.  We rarely have gray days, which makes it a true blessing for photographers.

Chandler Family Photographer_0203 Chandler Family Photographer_0204 Chandler Family Photographer_0205 Chandler Family Photographer_0206 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0201 Phoenix Newborn Photographer_0202